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About Me, Aasef Shafik a.k.a. Josef

Most of my friends call me Josef

Aasef Shafik's Resume

  • Aasef is an inventor
  • Owner of All Plumbing, Inc. for more then 20 years in Metropolitan Area
  • Owner of Sabrina's Grill in Merrifield, Falls Church, VA
  • Renovating residential and Commercial Properties
  • Have registered close to 2,000 domain names
  • Master Plumber
  • Master Gas Fitter
  • An Author and a Poet
  • Composed songs Certified Backflow and Cross Connection
  • Qualified Old Boiler Heating Systems Technician
  • Investor
  • Most of all he is creative and has designed and engineered his own ideas

Aasef Shafik is my Pashton/Afghan name. Original cavemen language has a unique sound. If you like music, listen to these songs that I composed in Pashto and English.

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