For Sale: $350,000.00

Written by on August 12, 2012.

This new plumbing trap system makes life easier for home owners and plumbers. The adjustable drain trap system requires less time and parts than a standard plumbing trap. No tail piece is required to fit most sinks. During service and repairs, the pop-up assembly will slide up and down for your convenience. This drain trap adjusts to your plumbing layout, not the other way around.

Adjustable Plumbing Fittings

• Adjustable Plumbing Fittings is expandable. On second diagram it shows different angle where you can use this plumbing trap system. This system can use in many different ways such as slip joint extension tube, dishwasher slip tailpiece, dishwasher flange tailpiece, flange tailpiece, tubler P-trap, L.A. Pattern, tee slip joint, waste & Overflow, waste & overflow tub, adjustable closet flange, perforated grid drain, lavatory pop-up assembly, lavatory P.O. plug, continuous waste, vacuum breaker for closet/urinal flush valve for sloan valve, disposer tailpiece elbow and many more.